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StudyShare Q&A with Go Daddy

Go Daddy is the world’s largest provider of Web hosting, domain name registrations, and new SSL Certificates. Go Daddy Chief Human Resources Officer Lane Jarvis oversees the Go Daddy talent acquisition and integrated talent management programs. She manages the teams responsible for maintaining recruiting, employment branding, compensation, benefits, human resources technology, as well as Go Daddy University for career development and growth. Jarvis also works closely with Go Daddy’s executive management team to develop the strategic human resources initiatives that underpin our status as a superb place to work. She shares with us her thoughts on international education, networking, and career exploration.

StudyShare: What opportunities do you recommend students pursue in college?
Every opportunity that a student can take and develop their passion and their career interest, I definitely think it’ll give them a competitive edge against someone who doesn’t have that edge. Not only in developing work set, but someone who can mentor you while they are pursuing those opportunities. I’ve always found college professors are wonderful sources and tend to be very connected to the community. Go and see professors who can connect you to contacts that they are working with. Go out and make your own contacts if you have the opportunity to go to networking events and professional associations.

StudyShare: What are your thoughts on international education?
A second language or third language could be instrumental if students are targeting a specific area. There are also valuable courses for studying abroad, to the extent that students have those opportunities.

StudyShare: What kinds of qualities or attributes do you look for in a candidate?
First and foremost, we look for a candidate that has the same core values in our organization. We believe our customer is number one. Working at Go Daddy means doing something special; we value hard work and individual accountability. Those are definitely values and qualities we look for in applicants. Beyond that, we look for people with relentless curiosity, who have a desire to serve customers. A pursuit of passion is really what we look for.

StudyShare: What kind of experiences should students showcase on application materials?
Extracurricular activities on campus, social networking organizations, internships–I think if there are student organizations to help one further develop a perspective, I would encourage them to join those. When students come speak to us, they should be really prepared to talk about why they made the choices they made, why they chose to be involved in a particular student organization, what were the benefits, what did they take away from it, what did they learn from it, all those things you can do on campus to further develop yourself.

StudyShare: What is your advice to college students applying for jobs?
Go Daddy CEO Warren Adelman says we are always looking for people with the right technical skills. In whatever profession you are in, you need to immerse yourself, push yourself, stay out of your comfort zone, and continue gaining and learning experience. Nowadays, it is very competitive–don’t overlook the basics, we still look for good verbal and writing skills. When you write your cover letter, present it like it’s a business proposal and use your resume as a marketing tool. Position it in a way that speaks to your experience and what you can offer to an organization, why we should hire you, lay out all your experience, all the choices you’ve made, how you’ve benefited, and how that sets you apart.

As far as applying at Go Daddy, we go to college campuses, hold a lot of student career fairs at different universities, it’s always valuable to approach an organization when they’re on campus and start building relationship with a recruiter. Start doing your homework well in advance, really target your market, and really go after the organization you want to work at. It’s never too early to get resume in the system, talk to the recruiter, let them know where you are at. If they find an interest in your resume, they’ll definitely keep you in the process. If the right opportunity comes along, then they can connect with you.



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